VR glasses Apple Vision Pro 16GB 256GB


Apple positions Vision Pro as a "spatial computer" that integrates digital media with the real environment. At the same time, physical controls can be used to interact with the system: gestures, eye tracking and voice commands. Vision Pro is designed as a standalone device based on the visionOS operating system, which is a derivative of iOS and is designed to work with virtual and augmented reality applications. However, if necessary, the device can also be connected to a Mac. The device is equipped with Micro-OLED screens with a resolution of more than 4K, support for refresh rates up to 100 Hz and DCI-P3 gamut coverage of 92%. The main M2 processor is responsible for the calculations: 8 CPU cores and 10 GPU cores. An R1 auxiliary chip is also used.

Viewing angle 120°
Frame frequency 120 fps
Control interpupillary distance adjustment, headband adjustment
Resolution 3660x3142
Display type Micro‑OLED
Number of cameras 6
CPU Apple M2
Memory size 256GB
Video card Apple M2
Interfaces Bluetooth, Wi-Fi