Boiler Haier ES-30V-A3 30 l


The Haier ES30V-A3 water heater with a 30-liter tank is suitable for those who are willing to make do with a shower during periods of hot water outage. This is a fairly compact device, which, due to its relatively low weight, can be mounted even on a not very reliable wall. It is easy to operate and does not require special maintenance. Haier ES30V-A3 heats a full tank of water to a maximum of 75 °C in an hour. It is protected from overheating, so you can safely leave it on for a long time: the heating element will start working only when the water has cooled down.

Boiler type accumulative
Volume of the tank 30 l
Maximum temperature of heating water +75 °С
Water heater management mechanical
Internal coating enameled steel
Water heating time to maximum temperature 60 min.
Installation method vertical
Heating method electric