Boiler Haier ES-100V-A5 100 l


Haier ES100V-A5 water heaters have a number of unique advantages and functions. The inside of the tank is coated with a unique, heavy-duty enamel, which ensures absolute hygiene for preparing hot water. The stainless steel heating element ensures fast heating and long service life. The enlarged magnesium anode provides additional protection of the tank from corrosion. Unique polyurethane foam thermal insulation reduces heat loss and allows the water in the tank to remain hot for a long time. In addition, the A5 series is equipped with the Shock proof function, which protects against electrical leakage and makes the operation of the water heater absolutely safe.

Boiler type accumulative
Volume of the tank 100 l
Maximum temperature of heating water 80 °C
Water heater management electronic
Internal coating enameled steel
Water heating time to maximum temperature 210 min.
Installation method vertical
Heating method electric